Made2Fit rates reflect our experience in the industry and depend on the distance we travel to you. Most clients book a course of 10 hourly sessions, but you also have the option of a course of 6 sessions or single sessions. Some clients train once a week with us, others do two or three sessions. We can discuss what works best for you according to your goals, time, budget and self-motivation.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation which gives you the opportunity to meet us and ask any questions you may have. It’s important you find yourself the right trainer!


Taster sessions

If you're not in a position to pay for several sessions up-front or simply want to find out if you're going to enjoy personal training before making a longer term commitment, this may be the option for you.

<10 Mile Radius

10-15 Mile Radius



6 sessions

This package is designed to get you motivated and back into exercise. You can choose to use your sessions over a six-week period, or if you prefer, you can to do two or three sessions a week and use them up quicker. You may wish to carry on with your personal training after completing your course of sessions, or take the knowledge that you'll be given and continue exercising on your own.

<10 Mile Radius

10-15 Mile Radius

£300 (£50/session)

£315 (£52.50/session)

10 sessions

A money saving package for longer-term clients, it is expected that you would notice significant benefits after completing 10 sessions, provided you follow all advice given to you.

<10 Mile Radius

10-15 Mile Radius

£475 (£47.50/session)

£500 (£50/session)

Buddy Training

We have a number of husband/wife combinations and friends who like to train together. It’s not suitable for everyone but we can discuss the possibility during a consultation; if we think it could work for you, you have the added bonus that we don’t charge extra for this service!

Reward Scheme

Clients who are committed to their training will always get the most out of it and achieve the best results. So, if you are consistent with your training, you will be rewarded by earning a free session every 13 sessions. Terms and Conditions apply but our Reward Scheme will be explained to you during your consultation.


Contact us if you’re looking for vouchers as a gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion.