Please have a read through our testimonials and see what our clients have to say about us! Most of our clients have been training with us for many years and are happy to provide references; let us know if you would like to speak to one or more of them about their experience of using our personal training service.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything, I'm really enjoying training with you. I'm looking forward to coming back and training more (I know, I must be mad but I think I've got the work out bug!).

- Danyl Johnson, X Factor

I've been training with Andy Tweedie for more than 4 years. Andy is an incredibly hard working and sensitive personal trainer - managing to be simultaneously inspiring and motivational. Andy knows exactly when to push you to your limits and also when to take the foot off the pedal, i.e.: "Len looks rough, let's ease off a bit." I admire Andy's willingness to change the content of the sessions to avoid boredom - one of the biggest reasons for people slipping into bad habits, not showing up at the gym etc. No danger of that with Andy, who can make the week fly by utilising a broad variety of training techniques. His best trait is that he's a good bloke - reliable, fun, hard working and trustworthy. The main thing you need to know however is that he is result oriented, keen to assist and ready to rock whenever you are. Check him out. Peace.

- Lenny Henry CBE

18 Months ago, I would never have believed that the person writing this testimonial today was the same person that very nervously called Em enquiring about personal training. I had always been a sporty individual and I had played county badminton from the age of 12 but 2 bad injuries had left me very apprehensive about getting back onto the badminton court. As a result of the lack of exercise combined with unhealthy eating, the pounds started to pile on and by September 2007, I was a size 16 and due to walk down the aisle in a year's time. I could not bear to look at myself in the mirror and the thought of exposing my arms on my wedding day made me cringe. In my head I had visions of what a personal trainer would be like, I was convinced they would all be like the "Sergeant Major" types you see on the reality TV shows! How very wrong could I have been!! Em made me feel extremely relaxed from Day 1, she knew I was scared of getting injured again and tailored my training to help me regain my confidence. I couldn't believe how my own small living room could be transformed into my very own gym, it even fitted in with my busy lifestyle, I didn't have to make the effort to go to a gym before or after work and even better I had no one looking and making judgements of my wobbly bits! It still amazes me how varied Em's sessions are, even 18 months later I am learning new exercises, breaking new records whilst still being pushed to my limits! It was only a matter of weeks before I saw results for myself, clothes were becoming bigger or rather I was getting smaller!! Don't get me wrong, it has not been easy all of the time, there have been weeks when I did not lose any weight but Em helped me to understand that sometimes our bodies take time to adjust and she was right. Em has always been there for me 100% and my statistics speak for themselves. At my last measurements, not only had I lost 35 pounds, that's a good sized suitcase of clothes!!! But I had lost 94cm of FAT! I had gone from 39-32-45 to 34-27-39! The great thing about Em is that she adapted my training in order that I kept my curves in all the right places and my bingo wings are nowhere to be seen! She has also become a great friend and to be honest the hour long sessions fly by! My husband actually thinks we just chat for the whole hour but he forgets that women can multi-task! I have had to make sacrifices to help towards the cost of the 2 sessions but I can honestly say that it has been worth every penny. I felt very proud on my wedding day, not only was I marrying my prince but I really did look like a princess. I am so much more confident and my head stands high. I have so much more energy and I love being able to wear the clothes I want rather than what will hide the bulges. People asked me if I was going to give up my sessions once I got married, "No Way" I answered. My training with Em combined with my healthy eating has become part of my lifestyle. Em really has helped to transform my life and there is no going back.

- Gemma

Training with Em has been a great experience – she is professional and friendly, and knows just
when to push me to make sure I get the most from my training without going too far and putting me
off. The best thing however has been the results – I have regained so much stamina, developed
muscle tone and definition, and best of all made a significant positive difference to a long standing
back problem. Thank you Em – I may never really love exercising but you make it as painless as
possible - it is worth every penny.

- Carol, still a client after 6 years

I historically had a stop start approach to keeping fit which saw my fitness steadily decline. After much
consideration I decided that I wanted to improve my body and I considered joining one of the local
gyms. I’ve always been someone that enjoys the privacy of exercising at home but I would
continuously reach a point where I struggle with motivation unless it was just before I was going on
holiday. This led me to start thinking about a personal trainer and I started to research my options.
I’ve had a few workouts in the past with personal trainers and have always enjoyed the focus you
receive from having someone direct their attention 100% on you. I found Made2Fit by searching online and I was really impressed at the qualifications and experience that the trainers had and so I decided to give them a call. I arranged a consultation with Em and we met up to go through what I wanted to get from training and my training history. She immediately made me feel confident in her approach and put me at ease while being really flexible with fitting
around my work schedule. We discussed everything from diet to past injures and then she began to
devise a plan for me. My goals were to reduce body fat and put on muscle while increasing my
fitness. Initially I decided to start with one session a week and planned to substitute this by working
out myself on other days at home following my personalised programme. This worked really well but I
was so impressed with how quickly I saw results that I decided to increase to two sessions a week
which I find works perfectly for me. A few months on and I am incredibly happy with how my body has responded to the training. I have historically had problems with back injuries and because of this Em has helped me to develop a much
stronger core which has been overlooked in the past with other personal trainers. This has made me
feel better in everything that I do throughout the day and I continue to be injury free. The motivation
and knowledge that Em has instilled into me through my training has been invaluable and I’ve found
that no matter how hard I work out when I’m on my own, I always have a much better workout when
Em is there. She always keeps the workouts varied so it constantly feels fresh and exciting. The
sessions are worth every penny and I can honestly say that Em is the best personal trainer I’ve ever
had so I couldn’t speak more highly of Made2Fit. They cater for everyone’s different needs and help
you achieve the results that you want quickly while also educating you about your body and how you
can look after it better. I have found that not only is Em excellent at her job but she’s a lovely person too which means a lot when you invite someone into your home for the first time. I would recommend Made2Fit to anyone
that wants to improve their body short term or long term and that wants a more focussed and
enjoyable workout than I’ve found you can ever get from a gym or fitness class.

- Chris Boswell

Eight weeks before our family ski trip, having just turned 40, with dodgy knees and a bad back
between us, we needed to take some action. So we (my wife and I) interviewed 4 trainers. Em was
head and shoulders above the others in terms of approach, qualifications and listening to our needs.
Following a great skiing trip, Em now trains us once or twice a week and we have seen great results.
Our sports have improved dramatically and several friends are also now training with Em.

- James and Nathalie, still clients after 6 years

In September of 2006 I was relocated to the UK for about 6 months and wanted to keep up with some training that I was doing in the US. I contacted Made2Fit Personal Training to setup personal training sessions. We worked on strength training, toning and cardio. I hate cardio and find it boring and monotonous (almost as bad as watching grass grow). However, Made2Fit used an approach of mixing in short bursts of cardio, which made it more interesting and fun. With all the exercise they really had me focus on the form and doing the exercise right to maximize results. I seemed to be using less effort from training alone but getting better results. Within the first month I was finding new stamina and strength. My blood pressure dropped 20 points. I felt better and had a lot more energy. I continued with the program until returning to the US in March of 2007. Upon returning home, all my friends and family have noticed a complete difference. I got more phone numbers in the first month back than the previous 5 years!!! I feel more confident as well. I have been able to easily continue with the program with the knowledge and techniques from Made2Fit. I would recommend them to anyone!

- Gary Hall

I started training with Em 5 months after having my first baby and have trained with her once a week now for the last 12 months. In that time I have lost 2 stone in weight, dropped two dress sizes and have toned up massively. I have achieved some amazing results, all of which seemed to be forever unachievable when I steadily visited a gym. I've learned to understand the benefits of exercise, how to do it properly and an understanding of what I need to do to keep my weight under control. I look forward to every session with Em, each week is different which stops me getting bored and I am pushed to my limits. My son, who is now 16 months old usually joins in on all the sessions, he has got to know Em so well over the last 12 months he seems to look forward to seeing her as much as I do. You have to be motivated to stick to your goals, but Em provides the varied workout, the enthusiasm, the experience, the encouragement and above all a great friendship. It's a great recipe for success and its worked for me.... I would without hesitation recommend Em to anyone who wants to loose weight and get fit fast!

- Leslie Hoile

When I bumped into a friend I hadn't seen for a while I couldn't believe, not just the weight that she had lost, but the way in which she seemed to have acquired a completely new body shape. Her secret was Em and so I contacted Made2Fit and signed up for a training session once a week. That was in January 2008 and 15 months later Em is still putting me through my paces and I'm now getting the sort of reaction my friend got from me when I see people I haven't seen for a while. Em is very professional, reliable and very committed to helping people achieve their goals. Her weekly sessions are always varied, mixing weights with cardio, and even now after 15 months she still arrives with new pieces of equipment and new exercises so it is never dull. I'm not a great gym fan but Em has got me interested in running and in January 2009 I ran my first 10k. I used to see runners and wonder why they did it. Now I know! It's addictive, great exercise and fantastic for burning the fat. Without Em I would never have gone for that first run (although it was more of a walk) and I certainly would never have stuck at it.

- Jenny McCurry

I started training with Em in August 2015 and as of now, October 2016 it now makes it the longest
period of exercise I have ever stuck to in my 40 odd years. Em is extremely motivating, she is very friendly and interested in you as a person and your individual goals. She is as delighted as you are when you reach your goal or when you can start to see a change in your body shape. Her qualifications and her knowledge of exercise and the body really stood out when I was researching personal training providers. She really knows her stuff! which is great when you have the odd injury because she is able to give advice and is also realistic about what is possible. She
doesn’t just say what you want to hear to get your business! Her approach really works for me. She is super friendly and motivates with encouragement and being specific about what events you have in the diary that you are working towards as well as encouraging you to make this into a life change and not a temporary fix. She isn’t a trainer who makes you cry or makes you feel bad, she is a very positive person. I can genuinely say that I enjoy my sessions. Do it!! You won’t be disappointed.

- Jayne, still a client after 3 years

Em has now been training me for ten years, two to three one hour sessions per week at our
home gym. After many years of an all-consuming job in the City, and far too many good
lunches and dinners, my immediate aim was to lose weight, tone up and build a high level of
fitness. And then to never let it slip again ! I was also rehabilitating from shoulder and back
injuries. With Em’s support and very professional guidance, Stage 1 was successfully
achieved through exercise and healthy living in the first six months. I now work hard to
make continuing incremental improvements, and to stay fit, active and energetic. Em is
extremely professional, knowledgeable and experienced. She makes the sessions fun and
has a great sense of humour. I look forward to our training sessions, although I know I am
going to hurt during them and afterwards! Em is also as flexible as her busy diary permits in
fitting in with my timing, often at short notice. She certainly works very hard herself and her
availability in the evenings and at weekends is a huge plus. I have no hesitation in
recommending her to any of her potential clients, and would be delighted to act as a
reference if required.

- Mike Bussey, Company Director, age 60

I spent most of my 30’s living and working abroad and during that time I was going to the gym pretty
regularly and playing 5 a side 2 nights a week. Then as I approached 40, a number of things
happened (excuses) which meant I stopped having such an active life – I dislocated my shoulder
playing football, I came back to the UK, I became a dad and I spend more time in the week travelling.
My weight seriously increased and when I looked in the mirror I hated what I saw. I turned to Andy
for help and from the original consultation he made it easy to set the goals I wanted. I booked a
taster session to see what a training session would be like and as soon as I started working out with
him, I knew it was the right decision and I booked up a block of sessions. The sessions are intensive
but fun and although they are hard work they are enjoyable. I found in the past it was easy to make
excuses to not go to the gym, for workouts to become repetitive and boring and for the effect to
plateau, but the personal training sessions put focus and objective into the process and I genuinely
look forward to the sessions. I never know quite what to expect as Andy mixes it up to keep it fun
and interesting. I definitely believe now you can’t get anywhere near the same intensity into an
hours workout on your own as Andy will get into a session. The effect in just a few short weeks has
been devastating – I look and feel far better, my weight has dropped off and I have so much more
energy. I just wish I had done this years ago!

- Nick Hopkins

I can honestly tell you that I look forward to every training session I have with Em - they're always good fun! When I first contacted Made2Fit I wanted to reduce my weight and improve my health with a significant life-style change - 12 months on, the results speak for themselves as I've dropped 4 dress sizes and improved my health and fitness dramatically. I've even taken up running more recently, with Em's encouragement and this is from someone who wouldn't even run for a bus!

- Stephanie Cutler

Training with Andy is fun and no 2 sessions are the same. Andy quickly ascertained my capability and what exercises were best for my body shape and personal goals. I am amazed at what I have achieved and working out has a new dimension to it now. My post-pregnancy 'bulges' finally disappeared as I am now doing the right exercises under Andy's guidance. I have a lot more confidence in my ability and am physically and mentally stronger. I have finally learnt to focus on my shape and not my weight, which, for me, is a big step forward.

- Yvonne Tickle

I moved to England from the U.S. in January 2007. Between long office hours and trouble maintaining a healthy diet, I had put on a considerable amount of weight in just a few months. I found Made2Fit Personal Training online and met Andy in July. It was the best find I have ever made on the internet! He has helped me to lose weight and improve my muscle tone. His workouts are challenging, yet incredibly fun. Andy tailors his workout to focus on my specific areas for improvement and quickly learned what motivates me. He is an absolute pleasure to train with and always works around my busy schedule. I have been extremely pleased with Made2Fit Personal Training and would recommend them to anyone who is serious about improving their physical fitness.

- Pamela S. Amick

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