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Personal training involves getting expert advice and support from a trainer to ensure that you are taking all the right steps to achieve your health and fitness goals. Your trainer will advise you on exercise, lifestyle changes and nutrition. They will also serve as a great motivator to ensure you are always progressing and moving forward with your health and wellbeing.
No, anyone can benefit from personal training. Our clients include office workers, teachers, doctors, mums, police officers, athletes, church ministers, company directors…
Definitely not! Many clients come to us having never done exercise before. We will design a program for you based on your goals and current fitness level.
You should wear loose fitting clothing, ideally sports wear, that you’re comfortable in.

The most important thing is a good pair of trainers. We recommend, however, that clients don’t buy new trainers before meeting us, as we can give advice on where to buy the most suitable type of trainer for you.

We have a number of husband/wife combinations and friends who like to train together. It’s not suitable for everyone, however, as each person’s goals, existing fitness levels, injuries and the space you have will all need to be taken into consideration. We can discuss the possibility of “buddy training” during a consultation; if we think it could work for you, you have the added bonus that we don’t charge extra for this service!
Yes, whatever works for you!
We have a lot of experience working with clients who have knee, back, shoulder and wrist injuries, to name but a few. All of our workouts can be altered to make allowances for any injuries or health conditions and to help build up strength in any weak areas.
Whether you have a home gym, no equipment whatsoever or wish to work out whilst travelling, we can provide you with a programme that works towards achieving your goals. We can even virtually train you if you wish!
We don’t recommend starting a new exercise regime whilst pregnant but provided you are already exercising, you can continue to do so with a personal trainer to be sure that you are exercising appropriately throughout each trimester. There are certain contraindicated exercises to be avoided and others that will benefit you more than others, so all of our workouts will be altered accordingly. It’s important to have an active pregnancy and you will find the labour and recovery afterwards much easier if you are fitter.
We ask for 48 hours’ notice, which gives us the opportunity to give your slot to someone us. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given then the session will still be charged for.
We email clients an invoice in advance of a course or single session. You can pay by bank transfer or cash.
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