Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Personal training involves getting expert advice and support from a trainer to ensure that you are taking all the right steps to achieve your health and fitness goals. Your trainer will advise you on exercise, lifestyle changes and nutrition. They will also serve as a great motivator to ensure you are always progressing and moving forward with your health and wellbeing.

No, anyone can benefit from personal training. Our clients include office workers, teachers, doctors, mums, police officers, athletes, church ministers, company directors…

Definitely not! Many clients come to us having never done exercise before. We will design a program for you based on your goals and current fitness level.

No, not unless you want to be! We do not buy into the ‘no pain no gain’ philosophy at Made2Fit. Our philosophy is more train smart, listen to your body and ensure that you challenge it enough so it has to adapt and change.

Your program will depend on your goals which will be discussed during your consultation. We try to give clients the exercises they like to do to make the whole experience more fun and enjoyable, but at the same time making sure we give appropriate exercises to achieve goals. Training sessions typically involve a variety of cardiovascular exercises (step, skipping, running if clients want to) and weight training (dumbbells, resistance bands, medicine balls, power bags).

Your lifestyle and goals will influence this; how many sessions you want to do with your trainer each week will be discussed during your consultation. Your budget and levels of self-motivation and discipline will play a large part in the decision making. For most clients we recommend doing a minimum of 3 structured exercise sessions per week to get significant results, however, they don’t all need to be done with a trainer. Your trainer can provide you with programmes to follow on your own.

Results vary from person to person and it is impossible to know how your body will respond to training. Results will depend on how closely you stick to your program and the advice given to you, your current fitness levels and what your goals are. However, the majority of our clients report that they feel and see a marked difference in as little as 2-3 weeks from starting the program if they commit to their new lifestyle.

The most important thing is a good pair of trainers. We recommend, however, that clients don’t buy new trainers before meeting us, as we can provide all clients with discount cards to be used in the Sweatshop. The Sweatshop is a specialist running store that makes sure individuals get the correct trainers for their posture and feet. Other than trainers you should wear loose fitting clothing that you’re comfortable in.

No, we will bring everything with us.

No, you’d be surprised how little space is required to carry out an effective home workout. We can have a look during the consultation process at where in your house you might like to train, but usually a small area in a living room, dining room or kitchen is sufficient.

Most clients prefer to do bank transfers but you can also pay by cheque or cash. Payment is always taken in advance of any training sessions in order to reserve the space in our diaries.

Yes, we can provide you with food plans or you can keep a food diary that we go through together each week.


We ask that you give us 24 hours’ notice to allow us to schedule someone else into your slot. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given your session will be lost. We book our diaries up to 10 days in advance so the more notice clients can give us the better. If more than 24 hours’ notice is given you can reschedule your session for another time that week or make it up the following week.

No, we have some clients who have regular days and times each week but we also have many clients who require us to be flexible to fit in with their schedules.

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